BREAKING-EXCLUSIVE: Scientology’s Top Corporation Made Uranium Mines Swap with U.S. Government

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This is startling new information arising exclusively from research for the book Stargate: The Hoax, by Ashton Gray, the upcoming sequel to his landmark CIA exposé Watergate: The Hoax, currently on sale at AmazoniBooks, Barnes & Noble, and other fine book retailers.

In a Chalet Reports exclusive, we have discovered that Scientology’s most powerful organization, the so-called “Church of Spiritual Technology” (which is not a church), spent six years and millions of dollars digging an underground “vault” on a property where there are now uranium mines, then “traded” that property to the U.S. government for a property of much less value.

Yesterday, 13 January 2018, one of our researchers uncovered astonishing new information about Scientology’s top-level corporation, the so-called “Church of Spiritual Technology” (CST)—which a federal judge, Bruggink, has ruled is not a church—and a land “trade” it made on 24 August 1992 with the U.S. federal government.

We have long known of the property in New Mexico known colloquially as “the Trementina Base,” information that was posted in the extraordinary  Remote Viewing Timeline, and even made it to Wikipedia through the poster known as Huntley Troth—to whom we all owe a great deal in the research for Watergate: The Hoax.

We also knew of the strange trade that happened in 1992, under the outgoing George H. W. Bush administration—when CST, after investing millions of dollars over at least six years in digging a secret underground “vault” on its original property (see T. 17 N., R. 23 E. on map above), made a “trade” to the U.S. government for a property of much less value (see T. 15 N., R. 22 E. on map above). CST lost a still-unknown amount on this “trade,” but it definitely lost its precious “vault,” which CST had claimed was absolutely vital to the “religion” because supposedly it was built to hold all of L. Ron Hubbard’s original works.

Now in an explosive (pun unavoidable) exclusive FIRST, through some clever initiative and mapping overlays by one of our researchers, Chalet Books has discovered that the property CST traded to the U.S. government—after digging underground for six years—currently has eight uranium mines, according to’s map of the Trementino, New Mexico area. Obviously, it is not evident on that map that some of those mines are all or partially on the former CST property, but our researcher used a variety of maps to overlay, producing the map at the top of this post.

George H. W. Bush was the President throughout the entire time period of CST digging underground, then trading the property to the government. Bush senior had also been very instrumental in the CIA’s operation to assassinate L. Ron Hubbard (as covered in Watergate: The Hoax) and steal his intellectual property for the CIA’s secret remote viewing program, which was going on throughout. Bill Clinton had to have been briefed on all of it.

Then, only a year after this “trade,” the U.S. federal government granted tax exemption to all Scientology organizations—including CST. In the formerly secret IRS “Closing Agreement,” it is exposed that granting of tax exemption gave CST complete rights and control over all of L. Ron Hubbard’s copyrights and trademarks. All of that is thoroughly documented at this massive chronological collection of documents. See also:

Over 10,000 Copyrights Owned by the Church of Spiritual Technology (CST)

Trademarks controlled by CST and IRS

There inevitably will be more to come on this, especially as Uranium One scandal unfolds, but this information was so startling that we felt we had to make it known immediately.

This demands a Congressional investigation, and Chalet Books demands that Congress act NOW!



Watergate: The Hoax is available now
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CIA: The Largest Criminal Organization in the History of the World

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This is an excerpt from the book  Watergate: The Hoax, by Ashton Gray, now on sale at AmazoniBooks, Barnes & Noble, and other fine book retailers. This is the Afterword, offered here in full as a public service because the same types of crimes by the CIA are being used in the world today:

[John F.] Kennedy was . . . once quoted in a New York Times report,
by an anonymous source said to be a trusted aide, as saying he wanted “to splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds.”
Evan Burgos, NBC News

When the fires of ideology threaten to consume us all, it is time to forget politics and seek reason.
L. Ron Hubbard

The Central Intelligence Agency is the largest criminal organization in the history of the world, along with all of its counterparts in other countries. They are almost entirely unregulated, because they can hide any crime, any atrocity, any abuse, any plot behind the impenetrable veil of “national security.”

There will never be any way to account fully for the number of lives ruined or destroyed by Watergate, by the nullification of L. Ron Hubbard, and by the perversion of his organizations and works then carried out by mercenary agents of the US government and the Five Eyes. There will never be any way to account fully for the costs to the American people and to the world.

Whether John F. Kennedy actually said he wanted to “splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds” or not is disputed, but if he did, it’s little wonder that soon afterwards he was brutally and hideously gunned down in broad daylight. If we are ever to regain our rights and freedoms as a nation, and our sovereignty as free citizens of a free nation, that criminal organization must be brought to book and shut down. It creates a thousand fold the threats that it “protects” us from. It has an unbroken track record of excess, crime, and rampant lying. It is made up entirely of professional liars. They lie for a living. They lie because they can. They do not start lying because they join an organization that permits it; the organization seeks people so morally and ethically bankrupt that they will lie for a living.

The researchers and editors and the author of this work are unanimous in calling on the American government, and on every government in the world, to demand a complete and unrelenting investigation into what Watergate actually was about, and to expose it entirely. The theft of Scientology by the CIA was an unspeakable crime—no matter what was done to L. Ron Hubbard—because it was a crime against man’s right to knowledge.

The evidence is overwhelming that once Hubbard was eliminated and the technology stolen, the CIA and the Five Eyes launched a vicious decades-long campaign to smear and discredit everything about Hubbard and his works, for no other reason than to gain a sick militaristic monopoly over a benign philosophy that ever only sought to set men free and help them realize their full potentials. There also is an overwhelming amount of evidence that infiltrators inside the so-called Church of Scientology, working on behalf of the same criminals that stole Hubbards works, have now buried all the originals of those works, literally, underground. For the full story, see the sequel to this book, Stargate: The Hoax.

Please don’t stop here. Please take action. Please demand honesty and integrity as the first requirement for those who would claim a right to “protect” us. Please demand that criminals not be given unlimited black budgets to run a “protection” racket on us that includes blackmail, murder, warmongering, perversion, torture, drugs, assassinations, and treachery as “noble” pursuits of national security. That is just another lie. That is the work of criminals, not protectors of decency and security.

As for Scientology, this book takes no stand on it, pro or con. The research for this work has proven conclusively, though, that the vast majority of “public opinion” about the philosophy has been maliciously manufactured by the CIA and the Five Eyes, using smear authors such as Jon Atack and Russell Miller to spread unspeakable lies and distortions for no other purpose than to generate hatred.

For instance, the vilified Rehabilitation Project Force was not created by L. Ron Hubbard; it was created by the infiltrators Ken Urquhart and Andre Tabayoyon, and was based exclusively on CIA-created “technology” for driving human beings into a state of degradation, which Tabayoyon had been trained in. It isn’t Scientology; it is reverse Scientology, or, as Hubbard called it, “Black Dianetics.” It is vicious, and it was created solely to engender revulsion in the public against Scientology.

This work is no advocate for Scientology, but it is a loud and vocal advocate for your right to any knowledge that you choose to seek, without it being twisted, altered, perverted, lied about, or buried where you cannot access it. Anyone who twists, alters, perverts, lies about, or buries knowledge, no matter what the source of that knowledge, commits treason against mankind.

Knowledge is our only hope. Preserve it. Share it. Honor it. Forbid its destruction or condemnation. Forbid control and government by elite totalitarians who live on lies.

The following quotation of free verse poetry by L. Ron Hubbard happens to be about the philosophy that he spent his life developing, but it could be as well applicable to any knowledge that mankind has been able to gain toward greater freedom and ability:

I will not always be here on guard.
The stars twinkle in the Milky Way
And the wind sighs for songs
Across the empty fields of a planet
A galaxy away.

You won’t always be here.
But before you go,
Whisper this to your sons
And their sons:

“The work was free. Keep it so.”

L. Ron Hubbard

With great respect and sincere thanks to you for taking the time to read this work, I wish you happiness, love, honesty, integrity, and a bright future.

Ashton Gray



Watergate: The Hoax is available now
at Amazon, iBooks and 
Barnes & Noble.
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Excerpt, Chapter 19 “Tangier, Morocco: The Real Watergate”

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This is an excerpt from the book Watergate: The Hoax, by Ashton Gray, now on sale at AmazoniBooks, Barnes & Noble, and other fine book retailers. This is Chapter 19, “Tangier, Morocco: The Real Watergate”:

“Watergate” is a code word.
William E. Colby, Director of Central Intelligence

The CIA . . . they’re supposed to tell the embassy everything.
Stuart W. Rockwell, alleged diplomat, “Appeaser of Islam”

If a title could be given to Stuart W. Rockwell to summate his career, it should be “Appeaser of Islam.” At the time the Sea Org arrived at the island of Corfu, Greece, in August 1968, Rockwell was the US State Department’s Deputy Assistant Secretary, Near East Affairs. The Near East Affairs desk covered Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, and Iran, so Rockwell was heavily vested in Greek affairs.

Across the Potomac from the State Department, at CIA Langley headquarters, E. Howard Hunt was in charge of dirty deeds in Europe as Chief of European Covert Operations. The CIA’s European Division included Greece and Turkey, so Hunt and Rockwell were joined at the hip in facing this new development of Hubbard having turned up at Corfu with his fleet of ships.

As part of the “special relationship,” Hunt and Rockwell had another roach-in-a-suit scurrying around on the island, his antennae almost tied in a knot with self-important prejudice and loquacious loathing of Hubbard and the arriving Scientologists. His name was Major John Forte, and playing quietly was not his forte. He supposedly was the “honorary British vice-consul” on Corfu—whatever that meant—and he soon reported to Britain’s Foreign Office the arrival of “the “sinister Scientology ship.”

In late August or early September 1968 (sources differ), the British Home Office sent Forte strutting pompously off on an errand to the Royal Scotman to hand-deliver a message to L. Ron Hubbard that Hubbard was persona non grata in England. What this had to do with Hubbard being in Greece is a roach-mind sort of conundrum, so don’t try to make sense of it, but there is no doubt that the Home Office was jerking on the ends of strings being pulled by MI6, causing Forte to jerk on the end of his strings, and so go to the ship to be a jerk. That, it seems, was his forte.

It did him no good. He had to hand over the letter to the ship’s supercargo, who met him at the gangplank, and weeks later Forte got a response saying that Mr. Hubbard was away on an excursion and not on the ship.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, CIA psychiatrist Max Fink was Professor of Psychiatry at New York Medical College, and was busy setting up the first electroshock facilities there. Fink had been given a grant by the National Institute of Mental Health for funds “to compare unilateral vs. bilateral” electric jolts to people’s brains, “as well as multiple treatments in one session vs. single treatments in a series.” Oh, those crazy fun shrinks, calling shuddering electric jolts “treatments.” Fink also was heavily involved in CIA drug experiments on unwitting patients at the time, which included:

A. Fenfluramine
B. Cyclazocine
C. Doxepin
D. Recent Experimental Compounds
1. GPA 41299, S 42548, CP 14368
2. Other presumed psychoactive compounds
3. Drugs of abuse—opiates and cannabis

There’s no record of whether Fink was delivering volts and jolts of electricity to his drug experiment subjects, too, but evidence in the records that are available from MK-ULTRA makes it a high likelihood.

Also in September 1968, a man named Jim Dincalci “started training in psychology in graduate school at New York Medical College,” which is where Fink was setting up his shock machines. Dincalci reportedly was pursuing a graduate degree in nursing. (Dincalci later will be one of only two people who supposedly is with L. Ron Hubbard when Hubbard disappears from Tangier, Morocco, in 1972.)

Meanwhile, back in Corfu, Scientology students kept arriving from Saint Hill and other locations around the globe for something, and on 24 September 1968, Hubbard upped the ante. Again. Onboard the Royal Scotman (probably still chuckling about Forte) he gave the first lecture to students of the new Class VIII Auditor Course. The lectures were highly confidential and dealt with the most advanced technology related to the OT levels. The CIA and the Five Eyes were left on the outside trying to look in. Again.

The next day, 25 September, a woman named Kima Churchill from Rhodesia, who had training as a nurse, joined the Sea Org. (She later will become Kima Douglas, and will be central to the disappearance of Hubbard and its long-running cover-up.)

Within a month, on 15 October 1968, the last Class VIII Course lecture was delivered, and two days later, on 17 October, “all 35 new Class VIII’s were returned to their respective orgs,” taking this new high-level technology to Scientology organizations all around the world.

By 3 November 1968, Hubbard had collected more evidence that the source of attacks on him and Scientology were being orchestrated by the National Association of Mental Health and the World Federation of Mental Health—and those, of course, were connected through the CIA and Five Eyes to the Operation Mockingbird mouthpieces. The WFMH had held its 20th annual convention in London starting on 5 August that year, and Hubbard’s view was that the various groups associated with it were in league to keep up a relentless attack because of the threat Scientology posed to countless billions of dollars in revenues for psychiatrists seeking to impose control over the minds of men, while the goal of Scientology was for humankind to become freer and more self- determined.

It’s almost as though Hubbard had been peering into a crystal ball; less than two weeks later, one of the preferred prostitutes of Operation Mockingbird, Life magazine, hit the streets on 15 November 1968 with hatred so caustic that it rivaled the sarcasm from THE REAL DEEP THROAT, practically dripping holes through the pages. The headlines were supermarket tabloid material, as usual:

“Scientology: A dangerous method of mind-probing attracts a large cult. A true life nightmare. A growing cult reaches dangerously into the mind—SCIENTOLOGY.”

It is a remarkable irony that Amos Jessup—the son of John Jessup, one of the high-level executives of Henry Luce’s Time/Life conglomerate—was at that moment a high-level executive of the Sea Org, having been made Captain of the Avon River. (Jessup will later be indispensable to the cover-up of Hubbard’s disappearance from Tangier, Morocco.)

It must have been frustrating indeed for the CIA to learn that the very next night after the Life article, on 16 November, L. Ron Hubbard was treated almost like royalty on the island of Corfu:

Local traders unashamedly welcomed the estimated $50,000 the Sea Org was spending in Corfu every month, and on 16 November, Hubbard was invited to a reception in his honor at the Achilleion Palace, a lavish casino on the island. . . . He was accorded a standing ovation as he entered the palace.

He wrote up his impression of the event the following day in the tear-sheet that came out daily on the flagship, called the “Orders of the Day” (OODs):

The dinner for Corfu VIPs went off like clockwork with Mr. Steinhauser of the Achilleion Casino as host and the top Corfu people there.

The only slight mar was a London Sunday Times reporter [Alexander Mitchell]. Earlier the local British Consul [Major John Forte] tried to push him into the party, offending the Corfu VIPs. He got a table nearby and bobbed up to introduce himself and again much offended the VIPs. The host confided he had already confiscated the man’s camera. These Corfu people work very hard to protect us. We are grateful that they do.

The dinner itself was excellent and in a very pleasant atmosphere, a large number of VIPs, good music.

That same day, 17 November 1968, the Sea Org pulled off another PR coup with the same Corfu VIPs, holding a christening ceremony to rename the Royal Scotman as the Apollo. The other two ships also were renamed, making all three of them named in honor of gods and goddesses from the Greek pantheon, with the Enchanter becoming the Diana, and the Avon River being renamed the Athena.

If all that approbation weren’t cause enough for alarming the hounding spooks and the psycho-establishment, on the same day as the christening an article appeared in the London Sunday Times—by Alexander Mitchell, that reporter who had been trying to get his nose under the tent at the VIP dinner—saying that Hubbard was “negotiating with local businessmen to buy the Delphinia Hotel in the remote south” of Corfu to “give him a land base.”

Then there was a weird turn of events—and “weird” is an infinitely expanding concept when dealing with the dispassionate facts of Watergate, the hoax. Bob “Blowtorch” Komer, a CIA veteran and personal friend of Daniel Ellsberg, was suddenly pulled from where he had been stationed in Vietnam and was named on 24 October 1968 as a “non-career appointee” to be US Ambassador to Turkey. That put a perfect triumvirate of hellions hovering over Hubbard and the ships of the Sea Org: E. Howard Hunt over Greece and Turkey for CIA, Stuart W. Rockwell over Greece and Turkey at State, and Bob “Blowtorch” Komer for State at the embassy in Turkey.

Why Turkey? It’s no accident that Komer was put there. There were strong rumors afloat (pun unavoidable) that Hubbard was considering establishing a Scientology organization on land at Corfu, which would provide Scientology with a foothold on Greece. Given the downright alarming rate at which Scientology was expanding around the world (alarming to its enemies), nothing could have been more infuriating or terrifying—or both—to the leaders of Islam. No matter what “modernization” had been established in Turkey by Ataturk, Turkey has been of central, almost consuming interest to the real Muslims, the true Muslims, the fundamentalist Muslims, since the fall of the Ottoman Empire.

As recently as August 2014, a leading magpie of the Muslim Brotherhood, Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, declared in a video speech: “We came to Turkey to assess the Fourth Assembly of the Union of Muslim Scholars in Istanbul, capital of the Islamic Caliphate! . . . Turkey is the Caliphate State, and Istanbul is its capital . . . Turkey unites religion and the world, Arab (Wahhabist Sunnis) and Persian (Shiites), Asia and Africa, and it (the Caliphate) should be based upon this nation (Turkey).”

Even The Washington Post has opined that “many wonder whether the secularism embedded into Turkey by Ataturk is fading.” Some—those who actually understand the unyielding mandates of Islam for world domination—reasonably wonder whether the purported “secularism” ever really was otherwise than faded, especially given the fact that Turkey is over 98 percent Muslim.

In 1968, the flames of desire for the revival of the Caliphate were merely suppressed into embers, not extinguished, and are being fanned back to life at the time of this publication. Turkey, bordered by Iran, Iraq, and Syria to the east, and Greece to the west, is strategically vital to the Caliphate ever being able to overrun Europe in its quest for complete domination over the world. In fact, the fervor for a Caliphate may never have been higher than in late 1968, in the wake of the 1967 Six Day War with Israel. By the time the Sea Org ships had settled into the Corfu harbor, 57 Islamic states already were beginning the process of forming the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, which describes itself as “the collective voice of the Muslim world.” That organization holds Islamic Sharia law as superior to all human and civil rights, superior to all “man-made” law (never mind where Sharia came from), superior to every non-Islamic constitution in the world—including the Constitution of the United States.

The very word “Islam” means “submission.”

Scientology advocates one and only one survival course for Man: greater freedom. Scientology is anathema to Islam. Never doubt it for a moment.

Scientology and Islam do not mix, and never will.

Scientology could not be allowed to establish a base in Greece, and it’s a sure bet that the oil-rich Islamic nations were using all their influence on Turkey to deliver that message to the CIA and the Five Eyes, loud and long.

Komer had to be brought in by the CIA to pour banana oil on the troubled waters in Turkey and set up a holding action until Hubbard and the Sea Org could be driven out of Greece. Stuart “Appeaser of Islam” Rockwell unquestionably was brought in on the CIA’s plans for Hubbard, and used all his influence to make that happen. (Komer will only be in place as US Ambassador to Turkey for a few months, until shortly after Hubbard and the Sea Org are run out of Greece. Rockwell soon will tail Hubbard and the Sea Org to Morocco, getting posted there as US Ambassador in Rabat, and will be in that position when Hubbard disappears from Tangier in 1972.)

But the plan to drive out the Sea Org wasn’t going well. The damned Scientologists were much too popular.

CIA Eagle Outline Art-4
On 11 December 1968, L. Ron Hubbard upped the ante. Again. In the Apollo OODs of that date he made an announcement to the Sea Org members:

OT VII has been researched by me. I have not written it up.

I have almost finished OT VIII.

I was sort of waiting until I’d done the whole of VIII before I wrote up VII. VII could be written up almost any time.

Of course, the roster of Sea Org members by that time included infiltrators that had been sent in by the Five Eyes. The news was soon racing around the world to the chief spooks.

Around the same time as his announcement, a new issue of the American Medical Association’s magazine Today’s Health started arriving to subscribers. In it was an article called “Scientology, Menace to Mental Health.” Somehow, the AMA had managed to get some hack to rewrite the same tired old “dangerous cult” story that had been being written and rewritten by the psycho-establishment and Operation Mockingbird since 1950. In what must have been merely an oversight, the article didn’t mention that at that very moment “Dr.” Max Fink was shooting household electrical current through the brains of unwitting and unwilling patients, or that “Dr.” Ewen Cameron had been subjecting people to the endless horrors of “psychic driving,” all being paid for by taxpayer dollars, all in institutions fully blessed and sanctified by the AMA, all in collusion with the CIA.

On or about 20 December 1968, CIA Director Richard Helms traveled to Paris, ostensibly on a honeymoon, but while he was there he met with longtime superspook Vernon Walters. (Within a few years Walters will become Helms’s deputy during Watergate, the hoax, and the disappearance of Hubbard from Morocco.)

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, on Christmas Day 1968, Daniel Ellsberg flew to New York City from DC, where he met at the Pierre Hotel with Henry Kissinger, who Ellsberg describes as “the long-time protégé and adviser of Nelson Rockefeller.” Indeed. (Another protégé of Nelson Rockefeller had been Douglas “Ragtop” Caddy, who later will appear “gratuitously” to be the first attorney for the Watergate “burglars” in DC.) Ellsberg had meetings with Kissinger over the next three days.

Shortly thereafter, around the turn of the New Year of 1969, the CIA started paying a man named Eugenio Rolando Martinez y Creaga, a.k.a. Rolando Martinez, a monthly retainer. (Martinez will be a key player in Watergate, the hoax.)

Around the same time, a man named William J. Galbraith—who has been named in some sources as CIA—was assigned to Morocco. (He will soon be involved in an incident with the Sea Org in Morocco, after a curious visit to the White House in the beginning stages of Watergate, the hoax.)

Meanwhile, back in Corfu, there had been rumblings about some action to be taken against the Scientologists—all of it stirred up by the raving roach, Major John Forte. On 20 January 1969, four Greek commercial associations sent a letter to the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of Greece, attempting to put a stop to any such action:

Dated 20 January 1969

To their Excellencies, Prime Minister G. Papadopoulos and Deputy Minister S. Pattakos, Athens.

For many months there lies anchored in Corfu Harbour a ship named “Apollo” on which functions Professor Hubbard’s Philosophy School. So far this school has never given cause for any misunderstandings but on the contrary it spends considerable sums to buy supplies from the local market. These sums so spent give considerable boost to the anaemic Corfu market. We now learn that various persons entirely foreign to Corfu are trying to persuade the Government to cancel the permit given to the vessel to remain without giving any specific reasons against the school.

Since as far as we know nothing suspicious exists against this school and since it is not permissible for foreigners to run our homes we submit to you our warmest plea to disregard these efforts of said foreigners and to allow the vessel to remain in Corfu. This school possessing serious capital and an extensive net of branches abroad plans to get established in Corfu permanently and Corfu tourism would profit greatly.


Manufacturers and Merchants Society, Gerondicos Traders Union, Hondroyannis
Labour Centre, Gynargeros
Shopkeepers Society, Moutsos

The letter did its job. Days later, Yannis Lagonikas, Secretary-General of the Ministry of Mercantile Marine, telegraphed a reply:

In reply to the organisations’ telegram addressed to the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, we have the honour to inform you that from the part of the Ministry of Merchant Marine there was never any objection for SS “Apollo” remaining in Corfu. (Signed) I. Lagonikas, Secretary General Ministry Merchant Marine.

It was going to take some big guns to change this situation, and it couldn’t wait; Hubbard was going full steam ahead with his plans to set up an organization on Corfu, and it was going to include an Advanced Org, delivering the OT levels. It’s little wonder, then, that on 11 February 1969, the Secretary of State sent a memorandum to the newly elected incoming President of the United States, Richard Nixon, entitled “Steps to Emphasize US Interest in, and Friendship for, Turkey.” Not one word was said specifically about Scientology being next door to Turkey, in Greece, but the document had been “cleared by Rockwell,” and in diplomat-speak conveyed a sense of urgency about mollifying and appeasing Turkish interests.

At the same time, high-level negotiations were going on with another Islamic force, King Hassan II of Morocco. He put forward a false front of being progressively modern, but history has revealed that he was a narcissistic despot given to psycho-establishment torture and executions for people he saw as enemies. He had long been in bed with the CIA, and had even had them help him set up his torture facilities with electroshock machines, but he was always threatening to cozy up to communists if the US didn’t meet his ever-escalating demands for handouts. He well knew the strategic position of Tangier, Morocco, as “the gateway to the Mediterranean,” and the high value placed on it by the international superpowers. On 17 February, a week after the Turkey appeasement suggestion from Rockwell to Nixon, another State Department missive came from the American Embassy in Rabat, Morocco: “US Policy Assessment for Morocco.” It was full of barely veiled threats as delivered from Hassan, e.g.:

Soviet influence has grown rapidly. . . .

US and Western economic and military aid have not been fully responsive to these concerns. . . .

Arab-Israel confrontation generates pressures on King Hassan . . . to align Morocco with Arab extremists. . . .

USSR is prepared to help King economically. . . .

Strategic importance and economic potential of Morocco warrant special effort to blunt Soviet drive. . . .

It wasn’t even subtle. Then it ended with the bottom line extortion demand from Hassan II, couched in “diplomatic” terms: “Provision of grant military assistance amounting to $57 million over next five years.” That works out to over $377 million in 2015 dollars.

Somebody was asking Hassan II to do something for which he was demanding a high price.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, Jim Dincalci withdrew the next day, 18 February 1969, from the New York Medical College Graduate School of Nursing—the school where CIA shock doctor Max Fink was conducting MK-ULTRA experiments. No reason is apparent for Dincalci’s withdrawal from the program. (Dincalci soon will join the Sea Org in Morocco, and will be involved in the disappearance of L. Ron Hubbard.)

Meanwhile, back in Corfu: The next day, 19 February, the London Times reported that Hubbard had set up “a limited company in Greece to carry on his enterprises,” but that “Foreign Minister Pipinelis had told a press conference that the government was examining their activities before deciding on their request to be allowed to set up offices on Greek soil.”

A local paper announced that students soon would be arriving from around the world. The Sea Org already had buildings purchased and were preparing them for setting up an Advanced Org to deliver the Clearing Course and OT Levels, and a Saint Hill organization to deliver the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course, which used all the recorded lectures Hubbard had given at Saint Hill in England. On 26 February, LRH wrote in the Apollo OODs, “We are now waiting for AO [Advanced Org] Greece customers which should be showing up . . . We won’t be here forever. When AO Greece is well established, we’ll be taking a cruise.”

They would be taking a cruise sooner than that; two ships from the Sixth Fleet of the US Navy were already en route through the Mediterranean to Corfu.

Meanwhile, back in the United States, attorney G. Gordon Liddy was making a deal in early March with Gerald Ford, House Minority Leader, for a favor. Liddy wanted to be hired into the Treasury Department, specifically into the position of Special Assistant to the Secretary of the Treasury, for Enforcement. That would put Liddy in the Executive Branch of the government, in a prime position to move him into the White House. Ford pulled some strings and made it happen. (Ford, who had served on the Warren Commission investigation into the assassination of John F. Kennedy, will go on to replace Richard Nixon after Watergate, the hoax, and will know about the CIA’s theft of the Scientology OT levels to start its “remote viewing” program.)

Around the same time, on 4 March 1969, Daniel Ellsberg was “sworn in at the Rand Washington office as a top secret courier.” He was given “two big packages of double-wrapped volumes” that filled “two large briefcases—courier pouches, with flaps and combination locks.” This was the McNamara study that will become the “Pentagon Papers.” Rand president Harry Rowen (a.k.a. Henry Rowen, Henry S. Rowen) told Ellsberg on the phone that when he got back to Santa Monica, he was to put the study in his own safe, and that no one, including the security officers at Rand, were to be allowed to know that the study is there. Ri-i-i-i-ght.

Two days later, on Thursday, 6 March 1969, two ships of the US Sixth Fleet arrived in Corfu: the Fremont and the Grand County.

A task force arrived off Corfu and a detachment of Marines set up sentry posts around the berths occupied by the Sea Org ships, apparently in order to prevent US Navy personnel from coming into contact with Scientologists. “Somehow it seemed,” said Major Forte, “that this was a carefully planned operation designed to bring forcibly home to the authorities the grave danger of contamination by this undesirable cult.”

Gee, you think? The men on the ships had been “briefed” that the Sea Org ships were “full of draft dodgers, marijuana smokers, free love, hypnotism.”

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, on the same day that the Navy ships arrived in Corfu, a man named Robert Cushman was nominated as Deputy Director of the CIA, to serve directly with Richard Helms. In 1950, Cushman had shared an office in the CIA with E. Howard Hunt. Cushman and Hunt also had worked together in 1960, when Cushman had been Nixon’s “military aide” in a plot to overthrow Castro, and when Vernon Walters also was an aide to Nixon, as an interpreter. (Cushman soon will supply Hunt and Liddy with everything they need to carry out the first operation in Watergate, the hoax, and to set up a “get out of jail free” card for Ellsberg. Cushman then will be replaced by Vernon Walters as Deputy Director of the CIA for the rest of the hoax operations, when L. Ron Hubbard disappears.)

It was all being set into motion.

On 18 March 1969, the Nomarch of Corfu issued an order that L. Ron Hubbard and the Sea Org had 24 hours to leave Greece.

On the same day, “Hana Eltringham321 and 13 other Sea Org members left the Apollo and arrived at AOLA [Advanced Org Los Angeles], with the mission to effectively replace the top administrative personnel of the org.” (Eltringham, one of the Commonwealth infiltrators, will be the Commanding Officer of AOLA at crucial times over the next few years, allowing both Ingo Swann and Hal Puthoff to slip past Hubbard’s emphatic injunctions forbidding the upper levels to intelligence operatives. She later will leave Scientology and become one of the main harpies spewing venom about it, a favored “source” for Hubbard-haters Russell Miller and the admitted British intelligence operative Chris Owen.)

The next day, 19 March, the Sea Org ships left Corfu.

The CIA, the prissy little Forte roach, the Five Eyes, and the Islamic Cult of the Caliphate fanatics must have felt a great sense of conquest, having shut down Hubbard’s attempt to set up a new Advanced Org (AO) and new Saint Hill (SH) org. As usual, though, they forgot who they were dealing with; two days later an announcement went out in Greece and around the world:






After a trip through the Mediterranean and brief stops at Cagliari, Sardinia, and Cadiz, Spain, for fuel and supplies, The Sea Org ships sailed to the real Watergate, long known as “the gateway to the Mediterranean”: Tangier, Morocco.




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Excerpt: Chapter 20, “The Nixon Problem”

Sunday, 29 May 2016 by


This is an excerpt from the book  Watergate: The Hoax, by Ashton Gray, now on sale at Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, and other fine book retailers. This is Chapter 20, “The Nixon Problem”:

You don’t have Nixon to kick around any more.
Richard Nixon

Out, damned spot! Out, I say!
Shakespeare, Macbeth

Nixon . . . hates us.
L. Ron Hubbard

Before this narrative can proceed, it regrettably has to address Richard Nixon. On 20 January 1969, the same day the Greek commercial associations had sent a letter pleading for the Scientologists to be allowed to stay in Greece, he was sworn into office.

It isn’t that he’s a mere footnote to Watergate, the hoax; he was, after all, the President of the United States, and had more indelible blood stains on his hands than Lady Macbeth. There are no tears shed here for Nixon. He got no worse than he deserved.

That said—with gusto—still, history has been unkind to him on the subject of Watergate. Or perhaps that should say that historians and so-called “journalists” and so-called “authors” have been like teenage girls with a gushing crush on him, attributing to him downright godlike powers of conspiracy. “The Official Story” of Watergate, the one pawned off on the world by Woodward-and-Bernstein and the idiots in Congress (but I repeat myself, apologies to Mark Twain), is the biggest and most downright laughable “conspiracy theory” ever concocted. It posits Nixon as some sort of all-powerful Svengali making his army of mindless automatons do his bidding—apparently through telepathy, because not one scrap of evidence ever has surfaced, anywhere, even slightly linking him to a single order for any of the CIA-connected Watergate thugs to do anything they did.

It seems that somebody, somewhere, should get around to noticing that.

At every moment after the arrests, Nixon looked and sounded like he’d been hit between the eyes with a two-by-four. He was stunned, and from the first instant was trying to play catch-up to the ever-escalating scandal. That’s exactly where Helms had wanted Nixon: trying desperately to figure out what was going on and why, then trying to cover it up because he was informed—after the fact—of what “his people” had been doing. Except the key “his people” were all the CIA’s people, and Nixon was like a stumbling gladiator with arterial bleeding from the first blow. He was going down.

Others can go right on analyzing to death what Nixon did and when and why—but they better do it now with the firm realization that there was no “first-break-in” at all, or they are off wandering in the same swamp as all who have gone before—and never made it out.

The only thing this narrative seeks to do with regard to Nixon is to explore why the CIA had to bring down Nixon at the same time they brought down Hubbard and stole his OT levels. That’s pretty easy to analyze, and doesn’t require any telepathy. It’s spelled out in no uncertain terms by L. Ron Hubbard himself, in a bulletin he wrote on 24 April 1960:[See NOTE below]



A person named Richard M. Nixon will enter his name this Fall at a convention as a citizen aspiring to the Presidency of the United States. Many Scientologists think he is all right because I once quoted him. This is very far from the facts and I hasten to give you the real story why Richard M. Nixon must be prevented at all costs from becoming president.


Two years ago in Washington this man’s name appeared in a newspaper article as uttering an opinion about psychology. I called attention to this opinion as a matter of banal interest in an article.


Shortly two members of the United States Secret Service, stating they had been sent directly by Nixon, entered the establishment of the Founding Church of Washington, DC, armed with pistols, but without warrant or formal complaint, and with foul and abusive language threatened the girls on duty there.


Hulking over desks, shouting violently they stated that they daily had to make such calls on “lots of people” to prevent Nixon’s name from being used in ways Nixon disliked.


These two men stated they were part of Nixon’s office and were acting on his express orders. They said that Nixon believed in nothing the Founding Church or Scientology stood for.


Their conduct before the ladies present was so intolerable that Mary Sue, having heard the shouting and curses from her office, had to come and force these men to leave, which they finally did, but only after she threatened to call the police.


As Scientologists were present, much information was obtained, of course, from these agents as to their routine activities. These were not creditable. Nixon constantly used the service against the voteless and helpless people of Washington to suppress the use of his name.


I am informing you of an exact event. It convinced me that in my opinion Nixon is not fitted to be a president. I do not believe any public figure has a right to suppress the use of his name in articles. I do not believe a public figure should enforce his will on writers or organizations by use of the Secret Service. I believe a democracy ceases to exist when deprived of freedom of speech. I do not believe any man closely connected with psychiatry should hold a high public office since psychiatry has lent its violence to political purposes.


Would you please write your papers and tell your friends that Nixon did this and that his actions against private people in Washington cause us to defy his cravings to be president.


It’s my hope you’ll vote and make your friends vote. But please don’t vote for Nixon. Even his own Secret Service agents assure us he stands for nothing we do.


I do not tell you this because Mary Sue came close to serious injury at Nixon’s hands. I tell you this because I think psychiatry and all Fascist-Commie forces have had their day.


We want clean hands in public office in the United States. Let’s begin by doggedly denying Nixon the presidency no matter what his Secret Service tries to do to us now in Washington. It is better, far better, for us to run the risk of saying this now, while there’s still a chance, than to fail to tell you of it for fear of reprisals and then be wiped out without defence by the Secret Service or other agency if Nixon became president. He hates us and has used what police force was available to him to say so. So please get busy on it. I am only telling a few friends.



So never mind whatever Nixon may or may not have known about CIA involvement in the assassination of John F. Kennedy—which he seemed to call “that whole Bay of Pigs thing”—or how fervently he disliked their Ivy League airs, or how psycho he was, or whether he had an impulse to firebomb the Brookings Institute upon hearing of Ellsberg’s betrayal with the Pentagon Papers blindside haymaker.

That doesn’t matter to what Watergate was. “Watergate” was a CIA code word. “Watergate” was a hoax, and a target of the hoax was Nixon and his stooges.

Everything that matters about Nixon here, in this context, is contained in that bulletin above. It tells exactly why the CIA had to remove Nixon after it took out and nullified Hubbard, and stole his OT levels for the “remote viewing” program. Nixon never would have stood for Scientology being used in his administration for intelligence purposes, had he found out. He hated the Hubbards and Scientology.

That’s also the complete reason why Spiro Agnew had to be taken out as Nixon’s VP: the CIA had Gerald Ford waiting in the wings for Vice President, and Ford was witting. Ford was in the club on “that whole Bay of Pigs thing,” having helped cover it up on the Warren Commission. He also had been brought in early on with the CIA’s plan for the take-down of Hubbard and the craven need for seizing the OT levels in the Coldest War for the minds and souls of men.

Ford also was going to help get revenge on Hubbard for an old and dear friend: he was going to name Nelson Rockefeller as his VP when he took over the presidency from Nixon.

Nelson had a score or two of his own to settle with L. Ron Hubbard. And Nelson had some friends in the psycho-establishment who would be only too eager to help in any way they could.

With the CIA, they had developed lots and lots of ways.

[NOTE] This bulletin is found in several places, in full, on the Internet, as though in the public domain. One source also presented an old hardcopy of this that was described as having been posted on a staff bulletin board at the time of its writing, and that hardcopy had no copyright mark or statement. Also, L. Ron Hubbard himself cancelled this in a later Policy Letter of 10 January 1968, which said in pertinent part: “All statements attacking any political entity or ideology are hereby withdrawn and canceled in any lectures or literature.” Given that this bulletin was so “withdrawn and cancelled,” it cannot have any intrinsic monetary value to be compromised by its reproduction; its value here is strictly its historical value, and this work could not possibly be complete and relevantly commented without the full understanding of its historical impact on events that followed, which this historical work is covering. We therefore feel that its inclusion in full is justified on all levels, including indispensible Fair Use.



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Excerpt from “Invisible Contracts”

Wednesday, 6 April 2016 by

This is an excerpt from the book  Watergate: The Hoax, by Ashton Gray, now on sale at AmazoniBooks, Barnes & Noble, and other fine book retailers. This is taken from Chapter 1, “Invisible Contracts.”

Four men central to the CIA’s 1972 above-Top-Secret program—resulting from a CIA assassination—that neither the Church Committee or any other congressional investigative body ever revealed. Left to right: Harold “Hal” Puthoff, “formerly” of NSA and a Scientology OT VII; Sidney “Clubfoot” Gottlieb, managed countless psychiatric and drug atrocities for the CIA against unsuspecting Americans under projects Bluebird, Artichoke, and MK-Ultra, and issued the secret 1972 CIA contracts; Richard “Butcher of Langley” Helms, architect and mastermind of Bluebird, Artichoke, and MK-Ultra, ordered the 1972 assassination and secret contracts; Ingo Swann, U.N. employee with Top Secret clearances, also a Scientology OT VII.

The reporters might have been still rewinding their tape of the Baldwin interview that Sunday, 1 October 1972, when the Central Intelligence Agency—almost as if on cue—quietly issued a contract that would remain a deep secret for decades, throughout everything the world knows of as Watergate and beyond: Office of Technical Services Contract 8473.

The CIA was paying, initially, a little over $285,600 to a physicist and “former” member of the National Security Agency (NSA), Dr. Harold “Hal” Puthoff, for “an expanded effort in parapsychology” to be developed for U.S. military intelligence. The key word in that mission statement is not “psychology;” it’s “parapsychology.” Metaphysics. The paranormal. The contract, dated oddly on a Sunday, initiated a Top Secret military intelligence program that ran into the multimillions of dollars across two decades and six U.S. presidencies, but in practical and political terms, it was an invisible contract.

The public would not find out about this CIA-initiated program for over 20 years. Even when some of the facts squeaked out, almost everything done under that contract would remain secret, hidden, invisible. It still is. As Puthoff said in a 1996 article for the Journal of Scientific Exploration, “almost all of the documentation remains yet classified.” A latter-day participant in the tax-funded program, Joe McMoneagle, told Psychic World magazine in its summer 1998 issue: “Probably less than 2 percent of the information pertinent to the program has been released; certainly almost none of the operational data. A great deal of the research data is still classified as well.”

The contract itself has never seen daylight. It’s as invisible as ever. There is a compelling reason why it was kept that way, a reason that goes well beyond the fact that it dealt with psychic phenomenon. That reason lies in the selection of the three main participants.

Of significant interest to the CIA at the inception of the project was a man named Ingo Swann, who, along with Puthoff, had been involved with the CIA for over a year leading up to the contract—parallel in time to everything that became “Watergate.” Another man, Pat Price, also was brought into the CIA’s core group. Those three men who were central to the purpose of the secret contract—Puthoff, Swann, and Price—had something in common that was very uncommon: All three of them were Scientologists.

All three of them had risen through the ascending levels of Scientology services to attain its upper states of being known as “Operating Thetan” (OT). That designation represented an ability—acquired through the processes of Scientology’s secret OT levels—to operate and perceive as a spiritual entity outside of and independent of a human body. The concept could be likened to an “out-of-body experience” that is under the person’s volitional control.

It’s impossible to mention Scientology’s OT levels today without address to purported copies of them that have been broadly distributed around the world through the Internet. Later chapters supply evidence that those copies are forgeries, frauds created by CIA and put into circulation, but in October of 1972, the OT levels were Scientology’s closely guarded secrets, available by invitation only.

The founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, had issued official edicts strictly forbidding any government agency from gaining access to the secret upper levels. The OT Levels were his intellectual property, so he had the right to control access to the limited number of copies of the works. He had expressly debarred “suppressive groups,” which included “police spy organizations and government spy organizations” such as the CIA, IRS, FBI, NSA, Department of Justice, “or any other federal agency in any country.” He also debarred any agents, current or former, of any such organization unless and until that organization had been formally and fully disbanded.

Hal Puthoff had been in the NSA, yet he somehow had slipped his way through Scientology’s application screening process to get access to the secret upper Scientology levels. He had reached the highest level attainable at the time, called OT VII, and was bringing that knowledge under contract to the CIA.

Ingo Swann had been given Secret and Top Secret clearances by the government during his service in the military, a clear indication that he had been involved in sensitive classified “spy organization” operations, and he had continued to work with sensitive information in a job at the United Nations after leaving military service, yet he also managed to slip his way through and get access to the secret upper Scientology levels. He, too, had reached OT VII, and was bringing that knowledge to the CIA.

Pat Price had a background as a “California police commissioner and city councilman.” Nothing has ever been revealed about government security clearances he might have had at any time, in any capacity, but he certainly had passed a CIA smell-test to be brought into the secret contract. He, like Puthoff and Swann, had gone up through the Scientology processes, and had reached at least Scientology’s OT III.

Some not-quite-bright commentators have opined that it was pure happenstance that the CIA-initiated program to explore psychic phenomena would have as its core three Scientology OTs. Given that in 1972 there were no more than about 3,500 Scientology “Clears”—a prerequisite to reaching the OT Levels—and given that the population of the United States at the time was approximately 209,900,000, the most charitable possible odds of that happening are about (3,500 / 209,000,000)^3, or about 1 in 200 trillion. By comparison, DNA odds given in court usually run only about 1 in a billion. The CIA inarguably had an agenda, and whatever their reasons, that agenda was the “appropriation” of Hubbard’s OT technology for military espionage.

There is not any evidence that has been uncovered anywhere that President Richard M. Nixon ever knew anything at all about the CIA’s secret program using the Scientologists. There is every indication from his past and his Quaker creed that he would have brought it to a screeching, smoking halt if he had.

There is not any scrap of verifiable evidence anywhere that Hubbard ever found out about the CIA’s secret program to get its hands on his OT Levels. There is no question at all that he would have brought it to a screeching, smoking halt if he had.

There’s also no question that Bible-thumpin’ doorway-blockin’ good ol’ Southern Methodist George C. Wallace would have brought it to a screeching, smoking halt if by some long chance he had made it to the Oval Office—but he was brought to a screeching, smoking halt himself on 15 May 1972, just months before the CIA’s secret contract and the Presidential elections. That eliminated the Wallace problem.

The Washington Post’s hotshot Watergate reporters, Woodward and Bernstein (hereinafter, “Woodstein”), didn’t find out about it.

Grandfatherly Walter Kronkite never announced it on the CBS Evening News. Nor did government watchdogs Jack Anderson or Seymour Hersh ever write a syllable about it.

The 1975 Rockefeller Commission—formally known as the United States President’s Commission on CIA Activities Within the United States—never revealed it, even though the CIA program had been going on within the United States for two years when the commission was empaneled. That committee was headed up by then Vice President of the United States Nelson Rockefeller. Having Rockefeller in charge of an investigation of the CIA was like sending a velociraptor to guard the henhouse. During the Eisenhower administration in the 1950s Rockefeller had “headed the secret ‘Forty Committee,’ a group of high government officials who were charged with overseeing the CIA’s clandestine operations.” Between 1969 and 1974—throughout Watergate and at the very time that the CIA was laying the groundwork for stealing the secret Scientology OT Levels—Nelson Rockefeller had been a key member of the President’s Foreign Intelligence Board, closely tied to Director of Central Intelligence Richard Helms, and to Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs Henry Kissinger. Rockefeller, of all people, probably did know that in some devious way the CIA had managed to get past Hubbard and get its hands on his OT Levels, but the committee never reported a single word about it to the American public.

One startling revelation did emerge from the creation of the Rockefeller Commission, though not from the committee itself or its proceedings. It came from the loose lips of President Gerald Ford after he set up the commission:

On January 16, 1975, the President held a luncheon in the White House for the publisher of The New York Times, Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, and some of his top editors, including the managing editor A. M Rosenthal. At the end of an hour or so of general discussion, Rosenthal asked Ford how he expected the Rockefeller Commission to be trusted when its membership was so heavily weighted by conservative figures with a history of hard-line political beliefs and sympathy for the military. Ford explained with unusual candor that the commission’s mandate was strictly limited to CIA activities within the United States and he didn’t want anybody on it who might stray off the reservation and begin rummaging about in the recesses of CIA history. If they did they might stumble onto things which would blacken the name of the United States and every President since Truman.

“Like what?” asked Rosenthal.

“Like assassinations!” Ford shot back. And then it sank in on him what he had said, and to whom he had said it. “That’s off the record!” he quickly added.

Another investigative committee, the so-called Church Committee, also met in 1975. Chaired by Senator Frank Church and formally known as the United States Senate Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities, it also somehow whiffed finding out about this CIA scandal using the Scientologists. Not a single peep in its report. Then again, Senator Church had been stonewalled by Nelson Rockefeller:

When Senator Church asked for materials from the White House, he was told that the papers had been given to the Rockefeller Commission. When the senator demanded the papers from Rockefeller, the vice president declined to provide them on the grounds that only the president could grant access to the papers.

It’s not really surprising that Congress and the American people remained blissfully stupid about the CIA’s long-running dirty little secret. Hal Puthoff, in a 2008 talk at The Arlington Institute, revealed that the program had been more than merely Top Secret; he described it as a Special Access program, meaning that it was also code-word protected. In Puthoff’s words: “Someone could have a Top Secret clearance, but they could not get access to the program or any of its results unless they were on a special list.”

Somehow, right in the middle of the Watergate scandal, the CIA secretly and illicitly had got religion—and had it under government contract, Hubbard and his copyrights and his edicts be damned.



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Excerpt from “The Sea Project, Ingo Swann, and a Damned Liar”

Tuesday, 5 April 2016 by

This is an excerpt from the book  Watergate: The Hoax, by Ashton Gray, now on sale at AmazoniBooks, Barnes & Noble, and other fine book retailers. This is taken from Chapter 16, “The Sea Project, Ingo Swann, and a Damned Liar”:

Whatever he [L. Ron Hubbard] did in Tangier at the beginning of 1967, he was going to be coming back there. On this trip, he stayed in Tangier until nearly the end of February, when he flew to an old familiar place: Las Palmas, Canary Islands. He was there to meet up with his ship the Enchanter, which arrived there on 25 February 1967.

This event brings up an anecdote that is a classic example of the kind of uncorroborated gossip and garbage that is the stock-in-trade for the Hubbard hatchet-job “biographers” from Britain, all of them in league with the CIA and the Five Eyes. It’s embodied in the following melodramatic “account” of Hubbard’s arrival in Las Palmas to meet the Enchanter, told in Russell Miller’s Bare-Faced Messiah by one Virginia Downsborough, who opened herself to any smearer of Hubbard who wanted to probe her. She claimed to have been aboard the Enchanter, coming from Hull with a small crew—even though other sources cited in this book say the ship was in Clearwater, Florida, when purchased, and that Downsborough arrived later on a different ship, the Avon River. According to her, though, she and the Enchanter had already arrived when Hubbard got to Las Palmas, flying in from Tangier:

We found him a hotel in Las Palmas and next day I went back to see if he was all right, because he did not seem to be too well.

When I went in to his room there were drugs of all kinds everywhere. He seemed to be taking about sixty thousand different pills. I was appalled, particularly after listening to all his tirades against drugs and the medical profession. There was something very wrong with him, but I didn’t know what it was except that he was in a state of deep depression; he told me he didn’t have any more gains and he wanted to die. That’s what he said: “I want to die.” . . .

I moved into an adjoining room in the hotel to take care of him. He refused to eat the hotel food, so I got a little hotplate and cooked meals for him in the room, simple things, things that he liked. My main concern was to try and get him off all the pills he was on. . . .

I don’t know what drugs he was taking—they certainly weren’t making him high—but I knew I had to get him over it. I discussed it with him and gradually took them away. He didn’t carry on about it. He had brought a great pile of unopened mail with him from Tangier, a lot of it from Mary Sue, and I got him to start reading her letters. After about three weeks he decided he would get out of bed.

It’s oh-so-breathy, isn’t it? It’s been quoted and requoted and told and retold all over the Internet, all over the world, to “prove” what a fraud ol’ Hubbard was, taking all these drugs—about 60,000 different pills, don’t you know!—and being depressed, and lying in bed for three whole weeks. So much for the effectiveness of Scientology.

There’s one slight problem with Ms. Downsborough’s self-aggrandizing Florence Nightingale act: She and the miserable hack Russell Miller didn’t check the microfiche records for HASI, Inc., at the Arizona Corporation Commission. If they had, they would have discovered that on 28 February 1967—just three days after Hubbard met the Enchanter in Las Palmas on 25 February—he was nowhere near Las Palmas or any hotel there, hotplate or not; he was over 2,000 miles away, in the little burg of Crawley, West Sussex, England, where he and Mary Sue signed a notarized annual report for HASI, Inc. Crawley is 9.7 miles from East Grinstead, home of Saint Hill Manor. The annual report covered the fiscal year that had ended on 30 April 1966. [Below is a detail from that document, showing the date and signatures. —Ed.]


So the question becomes whether Ms. Downsborough is merely a self-aggrandizing muck-raking liar, or a damned self-aggrandizing muck-raking liar. (Miller unquestionably is the latter.)




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Part I: The Great Mystery of Scientology’s 1972 Moroccan Missions

Saturday, 31 October 2015 by

Part I of the Research Series, Morocco Phase, for the landmark book Watergate: The Hoax

[NOTE: This research series of blog articles arose out of recent research efforts concerning the second half of the book Watergate: The Hoax, currently in release. This series of blog posts represents only a small part of the research done for the book, but the results of this phase were of such a nature that we felt a duty to make them public prior to the book. The relevance of these events to Watergate is fully covered in the book. These posts are for informational, historical, and educational purposes, dealing with issues of very broad public interest. Creative Commons License This work, meaning expressly the research series of articles on this blog, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.—Ed.]

L. Ron Hubbard

L. Ron Hubbard

There have been numerous published claims that in 1972, sometime after the Watergate arrests, L. Ron Hubbard ordered that three “missions” be sent out from his Scientology Flagship, the Apollo, to interact with the highest military intelligence levels of the Islamic monarchy of King Hassan II of Morocco.

At the time of the alleged missions, as the stories go, Hubbard reportedly was either onboad the Apollo in the port of Tangier, Morocco, or was residing in a villa in Tangier, called the Villa Laure, along with his wife, Mary Sue Hubbard, and some number of his most trusted retinue. The reports about where he was, and when, during the purported missions are both vague and contradictory, which will be addressed later in this series.

In tracing back the source of the claims about these alleged Scientology missions involving Hassan II’s security forces, they all seemed to originate from one primary source, a man named Amos Jessup, who has claimed to have been involved as a participant with all three of the missions. No earlier source could be found.

At the time of the purported missions, Jessup was highly placed in Hubbard’s “Sea Organization,” or “Sea Org,” the command and control organization that managed all of Scientology around the world for Hubbard. The Sea Org also sent out Scientology “missions”—groups of Sea Org members ordered to various locations for various purposes related to Scientology management and expansion.

According to our best information and belief, Amos Jessup is the son of John Jessup, who had been part of the inner circle of the Time-Life conglomerate in its several incarnations. Getty Images, for instance, has a photo from 5 August 1960 of “Time Inc.’s John Jessup, Henry Luce, & Otto Fuerbringer with presidential candidate Senator John Kennedy and others at the Time Life Building.” The image and caption can be found in several places:

A Look Back At The Early Days Of The Original “Mad Men”

A Tour of the Time & Life Building in the 1960s

Henry Luce, head of the Time-Life publishing giant, was a key player in the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird:

Allen Dulles [CIA Director at relevant times] often interceded with his good friend, the late Henry Luce, founder of Time and Life magazines, who readily allowed certain members of his staff to work for the Agency and agreed to provide jobs and credentials for other CIA operatives who lacked journalistic experience.


…Luce, according to CIA officials, made it a regular practice to brief Dulles or other high Agency officials when he returned from his frequent trips abroad. Luce and the men who ran his magazines in the 1950s and 1960s encouraged their foreign correspondents to provide help to the CIA, particularly information that might be useful to the Agency for intelligence purposes or recruiting foreigners.


Carl Bernstein
The CIA and the Media

Luce repeatedly used his publications to smear, ridicule, and denigrate L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology.

With almost uncanny insight, Hubbard himself recognized the insidious connections all the way back in 1968, long before Operation Mockingbird and the CIA connections had been exposed to the public. In LRH Executive Directive 63, dated 12 December 1968, he wrote:

It is interesting that “Life” Magazine in the US has been a violent foe of Dianetics and Scn for 18 years.


Their connection to the enemy is not yet established.


But it certainly exists.

Yes, it certainly did exist. The muckraking started as far back as 24 July 1950, with Time magazine’s “Of Two Minds” article, when Hubbard’s Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health “was steadily climbing the U.S. bestseller lists.” The article began: “A new cult is moldering through the U.S. underbrush,” giving Luce the dubious distinction of being the first CIA mouthpiece to label the wildly unorganized grass-roots popularity of Dianetics at the time a “cult.”

A greater irony is that this disdain for readers of Dianetics as a “cult” came just three months after the CIA had launched its long-running and very well organized mind-control cult under the name Project BLUEBIRD on 20 April 1950, which would metastasize in the dark for decades under shell-game name changes, such as ARTICHOKE and MK-ULTRA.

Given that kind of pedigree and those kinds of one- and two-degree connections for Amos Jessup, it was intriguing to find him at the end of the research trail of stories about the alleged Scientology-Morocco missions. As this series will demonstrate, the stories of the missions, when inspected even casually, seem like plots that Ian Fleming would have dismissed out of hand as being far too unbelievable for James Bond spy fiction.

Don’t miss Part II of this research series: Amos Jessup and the Amazing Moroccan Missions.



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Part II: Amos Jessup and the Amazing Moroccan Missions

Saturday, 31 October 2015 by

Part II of the Research Series, Morocco Phase, for the revolutionary 600-page exposé Watergate: The Hoax

[NOTE: This research series of blog articles arose out of recent research efforts concerning the second half of the book Watergate: The Hoax, currently in release. This series of blog posts represents only a small part of the research done for the book, but the results of this phase were of such a nature that we felt a duty to make them public prior to the book. The relevance of these events to Watergate is fully covered in the book. These posts are for informational, historical, and educational purposes, dealing with issues of very broad public interest. Creative Commons License This work, meaning expressly the research series of articles on this blog, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.—Ed.]

Vasnetsov_samolet-magic-carpetAmos Jessup has been cited in a number of books as a source for descriptions of events that supposedly took place in Morocco with Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, and the Sea Org.

For example, Jessup is cited as one of the sources interviewed for Jon Atack’s book A Piece of Blue Sky. The book talks about one of the alleged missions with the Moroccan government, supposedly to train Moroccan postal employees in Hubbard’s Student Hat study technology, which is a mission Jessup has said he participated in. Atack claimed:

For being persistently late for their Scientology courses, members of the Moroccan Post Office were assigned a condition of “Treason.” To the Moroccans, “Treason,” no matter how much it was word-cleared, meant only one thing: execution. The Post Office officials set themselves against the Scientologists, and won.

Yet Jessup, who supposedly was central to the effort to teach highly placed, devout Muslims L. Ron Hubbard’s study tech, has since said he “never heard of such a thing,” giving an entirely different reason for the alleged failure of the alleged mission. [For more coverage, see Part V of this series: King Hassan II, Islam, and the Scientology Study Technology. —Ed.]

Jessup also was interviewed for Russell Miller’s Bare-Faced Messiah. Jessup is cited and quoted in a number of places throughout the book, notably about the alleged missions. For instance, Miller makes this assertion about a mission that Jessup has said he was the “In-Charge” on, meaning he had the authority and control over the other Sea Org members on the mission:

Another . . . mission was having more success with the Moroccan secret police and started a training course for senior policemen and intelligence agents, showing them how to use the E-meter to detect political subversives.

This is a stunning claim, given that the “senior policemen and intelligence agents” at the time of any such alleged Scientology mission were operating directly under King Hassan II himself, according to a CIA report that was sent to the President of the United States on Thursday, 14 September 1972:

King Hassan has abolished the position of Defense Minister and has assumed direct control of the military establishment . . . His principal intelligence officer is the experienced Colonel Ahmed Dlimi who heads the palace intelligence service.

All of the police of Morocco were part of the Ministry of Defense at the time, so Hassan II had to have been directly overseeing any such Scientology “missions.” And Hassan II was not just any Islamic monarch. Hassan II made that abundantly clear himself, as described and quoted by Dr. Abdelilah Bouasria in Sufism and Politics in Morocco: Activism and Dissent:

Hassan II loved to repeat that he was a descendant of Prophet Mohamed and above all the “divine shadow on earth,” as he continuously stressed in his interviews:


HASSAN II: I received this title at birth, without asking for it, without wanting it. That means that I am one of the descendants of the Prophet, which is not exactly common, and which means that as deeply rooted as I am, in Morocco for generations, my original tribe is that of Mecca. This title, Commander of the Faithful, does not leave indifferent some people like the Iranians who have accorded such an impedance to the question of the descent of the Prophet. It is a title that imposes a great deal of humility and, all the same at certain times, great responsibilities.

In addition to his elevated status in Islam as a descendant of the Prophet, Hassan II also had a law degree, and in 1962 he had overseen the creation of Morocco’s contitution, which declared, and still declares, Morocco to be an Islamic nation, with Islam as the state religion.

He didn’t stop there; he also was an architect of, and gave final authority to, Morocco’s Penal Code. Hassan II approved into law on 26 November 1962 Article 220 of that Penal Code, which was in effect at all times relevant to the claims of Scientology missions dealing with Hassan II’s top intelligence people, all devout Muslims.

King Hassan II of Morocco implemented criminal penalties for proselytizing religions other than Islam.

King Hassan II of Morocco implemented criminal penalties for proselytizing religions other than Islam.

Article 220 provides for a penalty of “imprisonment for a period of between six months and three years and a fine of between 100 and 500 dirhams” for “whoever uses means of seduction to shake the belief of a Muslim or to change his religious allegiance. Such means of seduction are: the exploitation of his weakness or his need for assistance, or by using to such ends educational or health establishments, hostels or orphanages. In the event that an offence is judged to have occurred, the institution that has been used for this purpose may be condemned to be closed.”

Hassan’s inner circle of military and intelligence personnel were unquestionably devoted to the beliefs and rituals commanded of them by Islam, and they were also in charge of the police force, so fully indoctrinated into the vitally important Penal Codes relevant to honoring and preserving Islam in this Islamic nation that had Islam as its state religion.

Into this context, we are led to believe that a handful of Sea Org members—supposedly “disguised” as representatives of the cover organization for the Apollo, Operation and Transport Corporation, Ltd.—managed to brazenly waltz into the innermost devout circles of this descendant of Islam’s Prophet, work directly with his highest-level Muslim intelligence and police officers, and sneakily “seduce” them into reliance upon L. Ron Hubbard’s Scientology religious philosophy. No matter what these Sea Org members called Scientology or how they disguised it, it seems that any such artifice, were it discovered by Hassan II and his men, very likely would have been viewed as its own form of “seduction” and willful deception under Article 220, with stiff prison sentences for conviction. [NOTE: The name Operation and Transport Corporation, Ltd., is written in some sources as Operation Transport Corporation (no “and”) but the full name in the Panamanian Registry of Corporations is as used here. —Ed.]

To believe this scenario—without some credible explanation, in detail, of how it was pulled off—it becomes necessary to believe that Hassan II was an extraordinarily gullible man, with extraordinarily gullible intelligence officers; that L. Ron Hubbard was completely reckless with no regard for his own freedom or safety, or for the future of Scientology, or for the freedom and safety of the Sea Org missionaires; and that the Sea Org missionaires who carried out these alleged missions were perhaps among the greatest agents in the history of clandestine operations since the occupants of the Trojan horse.

Amos Jessup was contacted with high hopes that he could begin to make sense out of these seemingly senseless accounts of Hubbard having offhandedly sent Scientologists into the very heart of an Islamic king’s court to train Hassan II’s closest devout Muslim intelligence and police forces in Scientology, and to even run Scientology “security checking” on some of them. The obvious overriding question is how any of the alleged missions could have been conducted without being in violation of Hassan II’s own criminal statute, Article 220 of the Moroccan Penal Code. And according to the existing claims about the alleged missions, this all was carried on right under Hassan II’s nose at a time when suspicions in the king’s court were at critical mass after a recent attempted coup.

Having read the accounts of these alleged Sea Org missions, it almost seemed that it would be as believable if we were told that Hassan II had taken the Sea Org members personally on a magic carpet ride to every oasis in Morocco—but we wanted to be believers.

Come along on the magic carpet ride of our attempts at getting sensible answers, detailed in articles later in this series that address each alleged mission individually, and that address much more about the Moroccan mysteries of 1972. For now, it’s worth mentioning one thing that stood out in Jessup’s answers, when he got around to answering: an “escape clause” seemed to be built into many of his statements, which were liberally seasoned with phrases such as these, taken as actual quotes from just one of his emails:

I don’t know… I suppose… may have been involved…  Just guessing… They were supposed to… my impression is… I did not see one… As I recall… as I recall… I believe so… in my opinion… I have no idea… as far as I know…  I am not sure that is true… This is an interesting question.  Sorry I don’t know the answer… This question is just silly… I suppose there was… Probably… No data… I have assumed… but I do not know this for a fact… I think… This is another question that looks silly…

“Silly”? What seemed truly “silly” was the idea that any such missions ever could have taken place at all, so questions were in order in the hopes that non-silly answers could begin to make sense out of something that seemed, on its face, so nonsensical. The vagueness and “deniability” (plausible or not) was striking, coming from someone who has represented himself as being not just a key eyewitness, but an active and important participant in the alleged missions. [For more specific information, see Part VI: Amos Jessup on Training Islamic Intelligence Agents to use a Scientology E-Meter. —Ed.]

Many of the same questions were submitted to a number of Jessup’s associates who were known to have been right there in Morocco, and in key positions close to Hubbard, at relevant times. In Part III, you’ll meet some of Hubbard’s closest staff during the alleged Morocco missions, and find out what they might have seen or heard that could bring credibility to the claims. They include:

  • Janis Grady, nee Janis Gillham, long-time Commodore’s Messenger
  • Terri Gamboa, nee Terri Gillham, formerly Terri Armstrong, long-time Commodore’s Messenger
  • Gale Irwin, nee Gale Reisdorf, long-time Commodore’s Messenger
  • Diana Reisdorf, also known as Dede Reisdorf, long-time Commodore’s Messenger
  • Kenneth Urquhart, long-time Personal Communicator to L. Ron Hubbard (LRH Pers Comm)
  • Jim Dincalci, “medical officer” to L. Ron Hubbard
  • Elizabeth Gablehouse, nee Elizabeth Ausley, also known as Liz Gablehouse or Liz Ausley, a Sea Org member who reportedly was on a mission in Rabat, Morocco, at relevant times conducting public relations with several highly placed officials of Hassan II’s government
  • Andre Tabayoyon, a “former” member of the U.S. Marine Corps who had been trained in “brainwashing and coercive persuasion techniques”—known to have been the province of the CIA mind control programs—prior to service in Vietnam, and who reportedly was serving as “butler and steward” to L. Ron Hubbard at Villa Laure in Tangier at relevant times—during part of which time, we learned through service records, he was still in service with and under oath to the U.S. government.

Sylvia Calhoun, a long-time Personal Public Relations Officer for Hubbard (LRH Pers PRO), also was included on many of the questions, and volunteered responses, even though she says that she had left the Apollo and Morocco at the beginning of May 1972, before the alleged missions began.

Don’t miss Part III: The Mysteries of the History-Makers, Morocco 1972.



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Part III: The Mysteries of the History-Makers, Morocco 1972

Thursday, 5 November 2015 by

Part III of the Research Series, Morocco Phase, for the groundbreaking book Watergate: The Hoax

[NOTE: This research series of blog articles arose out of recent research efforts concerning the second half of the book Watergate: The Hoax, currently in release. This series of blog posts represents only a small part of the research done for the book, but the results of this phase were of such a nature that we felt a duty to make them public prior to the book. The relevance of these events to Watergate is fully covered in the book. These posts are for informational, historical, and educational purposes, dealing with issues of very broad public interest. Creative Commons License This work, meaning expressly the research series of articles on this blog, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.—Ed.]

Monkeys-MoroccoIn 1972, a number of people had entered into Sea Org positions that were very close indeed to L. Ron Hubbard, and some of those people were also very close indeed to the alleged Sea Org missions with King Hassan II’s government of Morocco in 1972. The reasonable expectation was that these history-makers of truly historic events would be open and forthcoming in helping to construct an accurate history of the alleged events they participated in. There simply was no way to expect or prepare for what happened when they were asked straightforward, logical questions about what really happened in Morocco in 1972.

Notable among those in the inner Scientology circle were the “Commodore’s Messengers,” a coterie made up mostly of young ladies who, as the title implies, were entrusted with delivering messages and communications of all kinds, in many forms, to and from the Commodore, L. Ron Hubbard. Four of the history-makers during the alleged Morocco missions were Commodore’s Messengers: Janis Gillham (now Grady), Terri Gillham (now Gamboa), Gale Reisdorf (now Irwin), and Diana “DeDe” Reisdorf. According to our best information and belief, all four of them were working on the Sea Org Flaghip Apollo with Hubbard at relevant times in Morocco during 1972, then subsequently were at the Villa Laure in Tangier, serving on duty with L. Ron Hubbard in shifts, or “watches,” of six hours each, that ran 24 hours a day, seven days a week. [NOTE: The villa in Tangier is called Villa Laura by a number of sources, but Janis Gillham Grady has said it was Villa Laure. —Ed]

Hubbard always had a messenger on duty. Always. His messengers were among the most trusted people in all of Scientology, and they were cleared for handling even his most sensitive communications.

Throughout the entire history of the development of Scientology, Hubbard had been relentless in ensuring that there were adequate written records for everything. He famously wrote, more than once: “If it isn’t written, it isn’t true.”

When it came to Sea Org missions, he was even more explicit and adament, writing the following in Sea Organization Flag Order 2358, 18 February 1970, a fundamental and vital Sea Org policy for any and every Sea Org member:

Missionaires should keep exact notes of their actions, written promptly after the action. They should keep exact records. These are valuable. In studying debriefs, those who use them continually refer to the actual report, not just the MOs (Mission Orders), debrief and summary.


…It is not enough for any missionaire to find out for himself. The essence of a mission is to record so somebody else can know.


Operations [those managing missions] MUST continually pound this home and demand complete records.

Any questions? Well, you’d almost begin to think that none of the former Sea Org members we talked to—these history-makers who were right there during the alleged missions with the Moroccan government of King Hassan II—ever heard of any such thing. Let’s meet them:

JANIS GILLHAM GRADY, Commodore’s Messenger: She has asserted that L. Ron Hubbard himself personally ordered the alleged missions. For example, she says that Hubbard sat in his office on the Apollo one day in August of 1972 and personally ordered a number of Sea Org members, including Amos Jessup and Peter Warren, to go to Rabat, Morocco, and do “sec checks”—using Scientology E-meters right under the nose of Hassan II—on the Moroccan military men who somehow might have been part of the 16 August 1972 attempted coup against the king. Yet even though her claimed time frame for the alleged missions in Morocco ran for at least four months late in 1972—during which time she purportedly worked directly with Hubbard for six hours every day—she either could not or would not recall or admit to ever seeing one single piece of written communication coming from or going to Hubbard about any of the missions. None. Not one.

TERRI GILLHAM GAMBOA, Commodore’s Messenger: She was cc:ed on many of the questions about the alleged Morocco missions. She never answered any of them. She was asked directly whether she ever saw any communication coming from or going to L. Ron Hubbard about the so-called Postal-Telegraph-Telephone (PTT) mission, supposedly to train Moroccan Muslim postal employees on Hubbard’s study technology, taught in a course called the “Student Hat.” Even though she ostensibly was with Hubbard every day throughout the entire alleged mission, when asked the question all she said was: “No, it didn’t happen on my watch. Sorry can’t help with that one.”

GALE REISDORF IRWIN, Commodore’s Messenger: Refused to answer any questions about the alleged Moroccan missions. Even though she is believed to have been with Hubbard every day at all times relevant to the alleged Moroccan missions of 1972, she said: “Even if things were going on we were NOT privy to them . . . [I] see no reason for me to go on about it even if I knew something.”

DIANA REISDORF, Commodore’s Messenger: Refused to answer any questions about the alleged Moroccan missions. Even though she is believed to have been with Hubbard every day at all times relevant to the alleged Moroccan missions of 1972, she said: “There has been absolutely nothing asked that I can be of help on.”

That’s four out of four Commodore’s Messengers from the relevant time period who either know nothing about any of the day-to-day operations of, and communications about, any of the alleged missions into the heart of King Hassan II’s court, or, if they do know, refuse to answer any questions about Hubbard’s communications to and from the alleged missions.

There’s somebody else who claims to have been very close indeed to L. Ron Hubbard at relevant times:

KENNETH URQUHART, L. Ron Hubbard Personal Communicator: In addition to his messengers, Hubbard had a “personal communicator” who vetted his incoming and outgoing communications traffic. Here’s how Kenneth Urquhart has described his role when Hubbard was onboard the Apollo:

While I was Pers Comm, I sat in an office a few feet from his [Hubbard’s]. I saw him come and go from his office, I heard everything he said in his office (unless he had MSH [Mary Sue Hubbard] in there), I heard all the orders and queries he passed to his messengers. Almost always I was present when he had another in for a briefing, and I took the notes. If for some reason I wasn’t there he would take care to tell me later what was the outcome of the meeting.


I was responsible for entry to his office. Anybody other than MSH that sought access to LRH had to come to me. I was responsible for the considerable flow of paper to and from his desk. LRH frequently called me to discuss ship matters, international management matters, internal ship organization matters, technical matters, family matters. In addition to all this, he had me in his office or out on the deck with him to chat.

Urquhart also has said: “Except for GO [Guardian’s Office] matters, just about everything went to LRH’s desk on paper, and through me.”

Any questions? And Hubbard, according to the many varying accounts of the alleged Moroccan missions, had to have been aboard the Apollo for at the least the first part of the alleged mission to train Muslim Moroccan postal employees in study tech, which, according to the “Official Story,” had to have taken place prior to 16 August 1972. Yet when Urquhart was asked about the alleged Moroccan missions, he said: “I have little information about the Sec Checking project or the Post Office project. I barely remember the latter.”

You may think you must have misread that, so here it is again: “I have little information about the Sec Checking project or the Post Office project. I barely remember the latter.” This concept gets even more bizarre in our separate coverage of the “Sec Checking project” but that comes later.

And then there’s another man who it seems should know something about the alleged missions:

JIM DINCALCI, Medical Officer for the Apollo and for L. Ron Hubbard: In the latter months of 1972, during which time the alleged sec-checking missions had to have been going on—if they ever went on—when Hubbard supposedly was residing in Tangier at the Villa Laure, Dincalci says that he was making trips from Lisbon, where the Apollo was at the time, down to Tangier. As he put it, in his inimitable style:

“I was the Flag Medical Officer who had been working with LRH as His [sic] MO also. I had been giveing [sic] him Massages [sic] and vitamin program [sic] andhad [sic] been going down to Maroc as courrier [sic] to give him Massages [sic].”

Actual scanned excerpt from a "debrief" purportedly written by graduate student Jim Dincalci about his 10 months in hiding with L. Ron Hubbard.

Actual scanned excerpt from a “debrief” purportedly written by then-ex-graduate student Jim Dincalci about his 10 months in hiding with L. Ron Hubbard.

And here we thought couriers carried messages, not “Massages,” but perhaps they were massaged messages.

Whatever he carried as a courier, before he joined the Sea Org and came to the Apollo, Dincalci says he had “started training in psychology in graduate school at New York Medical College in 1968.” According to school records, Dincalci was awarded a Bachelor of Science in Pre-Med at Old Dominion College on 6 June 1968, and then attended New York Medical College, Flower and Fifth Avenue Hospitals, Graduate School of Nursing between 1968-1969, withdrawing from the program, for reasons unknown, on 18 February 1969. Given his pre-med degree, given his statement that his field of graduate study was psychology, and given school records saying he was at the Graduate School of Nursing at New York Medical College, it seems only logical to surmise that his graduate focus was psychiatric nursing.

Another person prominently at New York Medical College (NYMC) at the time, as Professor of Psychiatry and director of the psychiatry department’s Biological-Psychiatry Division, was Dr. Max Fink. Investigative author H. P. Albarelli, Jr., in his book A Secret Order, has identified Fink among a group of “covert contractors with the CIA’s MK/ULTRA and ARTICHOKE projects.” Albarelli says that members of this group “were considered at the time to be the creme-de-la-créme of psychochemical researchers, and all were wittingly under contract with the CIA, U.S. Army, or U.S. Navy to perform extensive research for the government, often using unwitting subjects in highly abusive, sometimes barbaric situations.”

Fink had experimented on human beings in almost every major field of mind manipulation that the CIA tried in its decades-long mania to create a “Manchurian Candidate,” including insulin comas and heavy psychotropic drugs. Fink’s true specialty, though, was electroconvulsive shock—euphemistically known as ECT. CIA documents released under the Freedom of Information Act have described use of electroconvulsive shock in combination with drugs such as imipramine, chlorpromazine, amobarbital, opiates, cannabis, and LSD, all drugs that Fink has described experiments with. Here’s Fink himself in an interview with David Healy on the subject of Fink’s activities at New York Medical College at the time of Dincalci’s attendance there in 1968:

[In 1968] I wrote a grant application to NIMH [National Institute of Mental Health] and asked for funds to compare unilateral vs. bilateral ECT as well as multiple treatments [multiple convulsions] in one session (MMECT) vs. single treatments [single convulsions] in a series. I equipped an EEG laboratory, put an air conditioner in the wall, and hired a nurse from the New York Medical College . . . The work was done between 1968 and 1972.

Around this time period, Fink was recognized as “the principal NIMH grantholder in convulsive” electric shocks, and a leading authority on the subject, which would have qualified him to place high in the CIA hierarchy of MK-ULTRA psychotechnicians.

If any organization in the United States ever stood as an icon of nemesis for L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology, it was NIMH, and if any single act in all of the psychoestablishment’s arsenal stood in direct opposition to everything Scientological, it was electorconvulsive shock.

Out of this unlikely philosophic incubator at New York Medical College, 1968, Jim Dincalci somehow was reborn in 1972 as a Scientologist, who purportedly was personal Medical Officer, confidant, traveling companion, and ultimately even roommate to L. Ron Hubbard—according to Dincalci. In late 1972, while the alleged Scientology sec-checking missions (there are claims of two of them) supposedly were taking place with the Muslim royal intelligence forces of King Hassan II in Rabat, Dincalci says that he was making runs from Lisbon, Portugal, to Tangier, Morocco, to see Hubbard at Villa Laure—at least that’s Dincalci’s story, and he’s sticking to it—so it seems almost inconceivable that he could know nothing about such amazingly daring missions.

Yet Dincalci was sent pages of questions about the alleged “Maroc” missions, and never offered a single word of help or information about any of them. In fact, he ultimately asked that he not be sent any more questions, saying he didn’t find it “fruitful to revisit this time period or spend any more time on conversing about scn [Scientology].”

Well, of course not. We’ll visit more with Mr. Dincalci in a later episode, but for now:

ELIZABETH/LIZ/LIZZIE GABLEHOUSE, a.k.a. ELIZABETH/LIZ/LIZZIE AUSLEY, also known as “Kit,” Sea Org missionaire, Rabat, Morocco: In a number of the more infamous smear books about L. Ron Hubbard, such as Going Clear by Lawrence Wright and Messiah or Madman by Bent Corydon, Liz is named as the Sea Org member who found and established critical connections within King Hassan II’s upper echelon, notably with a man called Colonel Allam, who purportedly gave her and other Sea Org history-makers access to Hassan II’s powerful Defense Minister, Mohamed Oufkir. Amos Jessup (see below) has said: “Throughout all our Morocco dealings up to the coup at least, Colonel Allam was critically important, being the one who introduced us to the security machinery and probably the PTT as well. The key liaisons with Allam were Liz and Sylvia [Calhoun], as I suppose you know.”

Sylvia Calhoun has said, “Liz was the first to meet Col. Allam . . . Liz did keep a diary, however. Her dates should be exact.” However exact Liz’s dates might be, she kept them strictly to herself when we were trying to solicit her willing help; like so many of the other Sea Org history-makers from Morocco, 1972, she never answered a single question about the alleged Morocco missions, though many pages of inquiries were sent to her seeking details. The only thing she said at all was: “I lived in Rabat and opened an office there so was gone during all of that. Wouldn’t Amos himself tell you about it?” But— But— But— Rabat is exactly where the supposed missions and “all of that” purportedly was taking place.  As for Amos Jessup telling about it . . .

AMOS JESSUP, crucial missionaire on all of the alleged Morocco missions: We’ve already been introduced to Amos Jessup in Part I of this series. We will meet up with him again in subsequent individual coverage of each of the alleged missions—but, no, in fact, as it turned out, he wouldn’t tell about it, at least not in any way that was understandable.

ANDRE TABAYOYON, purportedly butler and steward to L. Ron Hubbard at Villa Laure in late 1972: In an affidavit supposedly written by Andre Tabayoyon—which excoriates L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology, and which, according to other legal documents, Tabayoyon didn’t write, but accepted $17,000 to sign his name to—he says that in the Marines he had been trained in “brainwashing and coercive persuasion techniques.” Those happen to be some of the exact “disciplines” that were under the province at the time of CIA’s MK-ULTRA program. Any such training would have been carried out under the aegis of CIA and the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), the twisted sisters of brainwashing and mind control efforts throughout the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s. According to Commodore’s Messenger at-the-time Janis Gillham Grady, Tabayoyon was chosen to drive L. Ron Hubbard in a panic from the Villa Laure in Tangier all the way to the Casablanca airport, about 3.5 hours away, on 29 November 1972, when she says the alleged mission doing sec-checking on Muslim military intelligence officers “blew up.” (There’s a surprise.) When a number of simple, straightforward questions were put to Mr. Tabayoyon about the purported drive through the Moroccan countryside with a fearful L. Ron Hubbard, all he would say is this: “I am not able to answer these questions. Please don’t be angry with me I gave LRH my word.”


These are the Sea Org history-makers of Morocco, 1972, and beyond. One observer opined that there are at least two ways to be a history-maker: one, live it and tell about it; two, make it up and tell about it—but then refuse to answer any questions about details. Which kind of history-makers are these? With these brief introductions to the Sea Org history-makers of Morocco, this series soon will cover each of the alleged Sea Org missions in Morocco one-by-one. Hopefully, we’ll find out what kind of “history” has been made.

First, though, there is a small matter to be dispensed with: about $12 million cash, in today’s dollars, that was transferred during “the summer of 1972” to the Flagship Apollo from foreign bank accounts. Why? What happened to it? Who did it?

Don’t miss the next installment: Part IV: The Strange Case of the Missing Millions in Morocco.



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Part IV: The Strange Case of the Missing Millions in Morocco

Friday, 6 November 2015 by

Part IV of the Research Series, Morocco Phase, for the landmark book Watergate: The Hoax

[NOTE: This research series of blog articles arose out of recent research efforts concerning the second half of the book Watergate: The Hoax, currently in release. This series of blog posts represents only a small part of the research done for the book, but the results of this phase were of such a nature that we felt a duty to make them public prior to the book. The relevance of these events to Watergate is fully covered in the book. These posts are for informational, historical, and educational purposes, dealing with issues of very broad public interest. Creative Commons License This work, meaning expressly the research series of articles on this blog, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.—Ed.]

MorocoMap-CASHPILE-5-INCHES-WIDEAccording to a 1984 ruling by the U.S. Tax Court, sometime in “the summer of 1972,” L. Ron Hubbard purportedly “authorized”—though others from the Apollo actually ordered and carried it out—having the modern equivalent of close to $12 million* in cash taken out of Swiss banks, all at one time, and brought onboard the Scientology Flagship Apollo, which at the time was based in Morocco. Hubbard’s alleged “authorization” is as invisible as his orders for Moroccan missions that this series deals with, but that is what is claimed in the tax court ruling. There was no reason for such a massive move of cash that anyone can find any mention of except for it to just sit there on the ship. That may be the worst usage of that amount of capital ever conceived.

That, though, is the first known instance claiming that Hubbard wanted to have a huge amount of cash on hand.

An analyst familiar with criminal and personality profiling said of this 1972 transaction that it was entirely “inconsistent” with anything known about Hubbard’s methods of handling finance up to that point. Nothing that anybody could find anywhere in the existing record showed anything resembling such extreme behavior or attitude toward finance, and the analyst said that it is unusual for someone to suddenly change such patterns of behavior or attitude at the stage of life that L. Ron Hubbard had reached in 1972.

The analyst went on to say that such a large transfer of money, particularly in cash, was entirely “consistent” with efforts on the part of someone to comply with criminal demands, such as blackmail, extortion, or—more likely for such large amounts—ransom. The analyst added that if it had been a ransom, it would have been for someone that the Scientology organization, or perhaps the Hubbard family, held as being extremely valuable. Still, that amount would not put the ransom in the top 10 highest ransoms ever paid.

The “Official Story” of the Sea Org in Morocco in 1972 seems to insist that this was just crazy old, greedy old Elron satisfying a craven need for money, money, and more money. If that’s true, he was, hands down, the stupidest miser who ever walked, because even the tax court couldn’t account for what that cash was doing just sitting onboard the Apollo. And the tax court apparently overlooked entirely the fact that after Hubbard allegedly “authorized” all this cash to be transferred onboard, he supposedly went to live ashore in Tangier in September of 1972, while the ship sailed away to Portugal for dry dock, carrying millions in cash with it. Then the “Official Story” is that Hubbard fled to the United States in early December of 1972 for 10 months, purportedly leaving those many millions of dollars sitting in a large pile of cash on the ship, collecting no interest, only dust.

Shortly after the transfer of this huge amount of cash to the ship in 1972—probably around the time that L. Ron Hubbard reportedly “moved ashore” to the Villa Laure in Tangier, although no one seems willing to give any definite dates—Jim Dincalci took a trip to New York City. This was not the trip Dincalci claims that he made with Hubbard to New York later in the year, on 4 December 1972. This is an earlier trip Mr. Dincalci took in 1972, apparently without Hubbard, when Mr. Dincalci went “on leave” to New York City.

Of course it’s only coincidence, but 1972 is also the year when Max Fink—who H. P. Albarelli, Jr., has identified as one of the CIA’s top-tier MK/ULTRA shock-and-drug doctors—moved as faculty from the New York Medical College to SUNY of Stony Brook in New York City. In 1968 and 1969, both Dincalci and Fink had been at New York Medical College, where Fink had created a unit for delivering electroconvulsive shock.

Of course it’s also only coincidence, but Dincalci was in New York City “on leave” approximately when Scientology OT VII Ingo Swann had just returned to New York City from the Stanford Research Institute outside San Francisco, where Swann, in conjunction with OT VII Hal Puthoff, had been doing a series of Top Secret controlled experiments with representatives of the CIA’s Office of Technical Services (OTS—cute abbreviation) and Office of Research and Development, starting on August 14 and continuing through August 25, 1972.

In yet another coincidence, it had been during that series of experiments—on 16 August 1972, to be exact—that an attempted assassination of King Hassan II supposedly took place on the other side of the world, back in Morocco (where about $12 million in cash had recently arrived at the Apollo). The Moroccan Minister of Defense, General Mohamed Oufkir, subsequently committed suicide the next day by shooting himself a number of times in his back and in the back of his head. That all happened after Sea Org missionaires Amos Jessup, Peter Warren, and Liz Gablehouse purportedly had been having high-level contacts with factions of King Hassan II’s government of Morocco, including at least one meeting with Oufkir himself.

Tony Ulasewicz, a.k.a. "Mr. Rivers," bag man for CIA-connected Watergate perps.

Tony Ulasewicz, a.k.a. “Mr. Rivers,” bag man who delivered cash drops for the CIA-connected Watergate perps.

Meanwhile, back in the States: Also in New York City during the time when Dincalci went “on leave” there was a man who soon would begin calling himself “Mr. Rivers.” His real name was Tony Ulasewicz. He was a former member of NYPD’s Bureau of Special Service and Investigation (BOSSI), which has been called New York’s “little FBI/CIA,” and he had a little apartment he had set up in New York City for clandestine operations—not unlike the little apartment in Rabat that some sources say Liz Gablehouse, Amos Jessup, and Peter Warren used for their clandestine operations with King Hassan II’s top Muslim intelligence operatives. Ulasewicz was tight with the Watergate CIA perps E. Howard Hunt, G. Gordon Liddy, James McCord, and their gang of Miami goons.

Sometime after or around the time of Dincalci’s visit to New York City, “Mr. Rivers” started delivering large amounts of cash in paper bags to a veteran CIA operative named Dorothy Hunt. He would fly to Washington, D.C., and make the drops of cash in lockers of the Washington National Airport for Mrs. Hunt to pick up.

Mrs. Hunt would take the cash and distribute it to the CIA operatives E. Howard Hunt, G. Gordon Liddy, James McCord, Bernard Barker, Eugenio Martinez, Virgilio Gonzales, and Frank Sturgis. Nobody to this day knows how much cash actually got passed around to the CIA operatives in paper bags. Nobody to this day has confirmed where all of the cash might have come from.

During all of this activity, where was L. Ron Hubbard? According to the “Official Story,” such as it is, he was squirrelled away in his Villa Laure hidey-hole in Tangier, Morocco, beginning at least by 15 September 1972. His whereabouts were purportedly only known to a handful of closes confidants—who, as it happens, include the very Sea Org history-makers of Morocco that this series is covering. They all will tell the sort-of-same sketchy story they want to have told, but have seemed extremely reluctant to answer specific questions about where Hubbard was, when, and what he was doing. [See Part III: The Mysteries of the History-Makers, Morocco 1972. —Ed.]

There’s more to say about this hidey-hole called Villa Laure, which will be covered in Part VIII: Villa Laure—A Moroccan House of Mirrors.  [NOTE: The villa in Tangier is called Villa Laura by a number of sources, but Janis Gillham Grady has said it was Villa Laure. —Ed] For now, there are uncountable questions about an extraordinary amount of cash that was brought to the Apollo in Morocco for unaccountable reasons.

What did all that cash have to do with Hubbard becoming essentially “whereabouts unknown” while the Apollo sailed away to Portugal in October 1972, supposedly carrying all that cash?

Was that much cash actually on the Apollo at the time it went to dry dock in Portugal?

Was there really a 16 August 1972 attack by advanced fighter jets on the passenger plane of Hassan II that he somehow miraculously escaped? Or was there, instead, a very good reason needed to execute Mohamed Oufkir and some of his officers who previously had been in closed-door contact with several of the Sea Org history-makers from the Apollo?

General Mohamed Oufkir

General Mohamed Oufkir lost his trademark glasses from a bullet in the back of his head during his “suicide.”

Had devout Muslims Colonel Allam and General Oufkir ever really been interested in Scientology technology (no matter what it was being called or misrepresented as) and in L. Ron Hubbard’s E-meter, as our Sea Org history-makers of Morocco claim? Or was there some other reason for them having meetings with the Sea Org members from the Apollo, where $12 million in cash had been transferred?

Is it possible, even remotely possible, that the CIA and King Hassan II had many mutual interests—among them being the elimination of a dangerous red-headed infidel spreading a rapidly growing religion, while also removing the one major barrier to the CIA’s intended “appropriation” (read: theft) of Hubbard’s OT Levels? And could $12 million dollars have gone a long way indeed toward realization of such mutual goals?

These questions, of course, are all just “silly,” as Amos Jessup might describe them. What definitely isn’t “silly,” and what definitely happened, is that on Sunday, 1 October 1972—just two weeks after Commodore’s Messenger Janis Gillham Grady claims that Hubbard went to hole up at the Villa Laure—the CIA’s Technical Services Division (TSD) issued to OT VII Hal Puthoff a Top Secret research contract to develop “remote viewing” for military espionage purposes, along with Scientology OTs Ingo Swann and Pat Price. Shortly after that contract was issued, that CIA division changed its name to Office of Technical Services, becoming known as OTS.

And L. Ron Hubbard never, ever, found out about it.

Don’t miss Part V: King Hassan II, Islam, and the Scientology Study Technology.

* The tax court itself couldn’t seem to settle entirely on the 1972 amount that was transferred in cash, saying in one place that it was $2 million, and in another that it was “over $2 million.” Another source talks about $2.1 million having been transferred, and $2.1 million in 1972 dollars translates to $11,998,264.74 in today’s dollars. The tax court discusses other cash aboard the Apollo during the year, but for these purposes we’re leaving it at this single transfer of cash.



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