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The book Watergate: The Hoax could not have come into being at all without the dedication and work of a considerable network of people around the globe who have made enormous contributions to the storehouse of mankind’s knowledge. Many of them are, and will remain, unknown, unsung, and unheralded, but they have left an indelible record of carefully researched information. Here are some of the sources we have used in our research, either directly or as pointers to other sources. This body of information has been collected on a site that is primarily about the so-called Church of Spiritual Technology—which is not a church at all, but a private corporation—but the documents and investigative research on the site have formed important background information for the Morocco research phase of Watergate: The Hoax:

Press Releases of the Public Research Foundation

This is a collection of investigative reports that was among the earliest exposés of the so-called Church of Spiritual Technology and its background, including its previously unknown connections to an Assistant to the Commissioner of IRS, Meade Emory, who was at IRS during the exact period of time when the Guardian’s Office supposedly was making illegal copies of IRS documents.

Timeline of Crucial Documents and Events

This extraordinary collection of documents and events had been put in chronological order when it first appeared, allowing for unprecedented analysis and understanding. It is a single repository of well organized information concerning what happened between the CIA, the IRS, L. Ron Hubbard, and Scientology.

CST and the CIA

A very early exposé of the hidden ties between the so-called Church of Spiritual Technology and the CIA’s “remote viewing” program, a more-than-Top-Secret code-name-access black operation that ran for at least over two decades and was created by the CIA using three Scientology OTs. L. Ron Hubbard never found out that the CIA had stolen his upper-level materials and was using them for “psychic warfare.”

Remote Viewing Timeline

An exhaustively researched and cited timeline of events beginning in the 1940s leading up to and into the CIA’s secret creation of its “remote viewing” program using Scientologists and Scientology. Of particular interest to Watergate: The Hoax are the events of the early 1970s, culminating in the sudden disappearance of L. Ron Hubbard from Morocco sometime in 1972 (almost certainly before our “history-makers” claim he disappeared).

Tax Crud Meade Emory, “Founder” of CST

A concise history of how a former Assistant to the Commissioner of IRS was the primary architect of the overthrow of Mary Sue Hubbard, the Guardian’s Office, the Hubbard Association of Scientologists, and all of Scientology, and how he is primarily responsible for the entire byzantine corporate fraud that the world today believes is “Scientology.”

The parent site of all the above pages has a lot of other invaluable information, including accounts of the convoluted machinations used by Emory and the Lenske brothers, Sherman and Stephen, to put CST into possession of all of L. Ron Hubbard’s intellectual property—even though Hubbard had irrevocably assigned them all to the Hubbard Communications Office, a division of the Hubbard Association of Scientologists International. Here is the link to the home page:

Church of Spiritual Technology Owns and Control All Scientology