Ashton Gray’s “Created Equal: The Greatest Lie” Now Available

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UPDATE: Chalet Books & Multimedia is proud to announce that Ashton Gray’s revolutionary new book, Created Equal: The Greatest Lie, is on sale now at It was released on Friday, 1 December 2017. Here is an excerpt from the book, Chapter 1, “The Equality Myth”:

1. The Equality Myth
A Fatuous Fiction

Whether your concept of the origin of the universe is a cosmic explosion, the spoken command of an omnipotent father figure, the dream of a many-armed god, or the promiscuous coagulation of primordial mist, you will search its width and breadth in vain for two things equal to each other.

The heavens have yet to reveal two equal stars. Every planet in the cosmos is different from every other planet. No rock or boulder ever is equal to any other. No two grains of sand match exactly.

Go into a field or lawn and pick a blade of grass; you hold in your hands a unique creation that has no equal anywhere in the world, or in the universe. The very fact that it is in your hands sets it apart, but even before you picked it, it occupied its own space. It pointed in its own direction. It had its own length, veining, coloring, texture, thickness, weight, roots, and arrangement of unique cells that formed the whole, every detail setting it significantly, dramatically apart from every other blade of grass that exists, that ever has existed, or that ever will exist.

From the cosmic to the microscopic, from the macrocosm to the microcosm, from stellar magnitudes down to molecular level and beyond, there is one message that this universe—however it got here— seems relentlessly intent on dictating, displaying, proving, over and over, infinitely: “There shall be no thing equal to any other.”

Yet one of the most universal, pervasive, and inescapable beliefs in the world today is that “all men are created equal.”

It is in the schools.
It is in the marketplace.
It is in the workplace.
It is in the neighborhood.
It is in the statehouse.
It belongs in the madhouse.
It is a meaningless myth.
It is the greatest lie.

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