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by Ashton Gray

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Whatever you think you know about Watergate, it’s probably wrong.

Watergate, as we know it, is fiction. Watergate was a hoax. It was a vicious hoax. It was a hoax with purpose: to cover up something far more heinous than a third-rate burglary. But it was a hoax. It was the biggest hoax of the 20th century.

In a gripping investigative report that reads like a whodunnit, Ashton Gray takes you step by step through the planning, the motives, the machinations, the moves, the lies, and the coverups-as-coverups that culminated in the removal of an American president, that shook the world, and that changed the face of politics forever.

More importantly, Watergate, the Hoax takes you step by step through the hopeless contradictions in the “confessions” of the perpetrators—contradictions that were laid like dark shadows across the very tables of Congress, that were laid across the doorstep of every journalist and investigator who ever approached Watergate, that were laid across the headlines and the bylines and the books, but that in every instance were “explained away” or idly mused over as mere inconveniences to the “official story.” Until now.

The contradictions are the story. They are the only real story of Watergate. They are the story of liars lying to protect “the Company” and its dirty little secrets.

For the first time ever, a book dares to rip away the veneer of hopelessly conflicting lies, to shred the “official story” like the pages of the pulp fiction it is, and finally to expose the ugly truth behind the CIA’s desperately bold con game that came to be known as Watergate.

This book will be the read of the year and will change everything you think you know about Watergate. Don’t miss it!

CIA Assets

CIA founding veteran E. Howard Hunt and G. Gordon Liddy, on contract to CIA, used a hand-picked band of CIA assets to cover up their whereabouts over Memorial Day weekend 1972, and pulled off the hoax of the century. Maybe of all time.